Increasing Magician Drawing Area Size. How?


Hello- I need to increase the drawing area size of my Dobot Magician and was looking for help. It will currently only make very small drawings that are about 11cm x 8cm, in an area directly in front of the robot. I can access the robots full range of movement in other modes but if an image is placed outside a very small zone in drawing mode (including the stock shapes), it won’t start and gives an error message: “Some pictures are not in available area” and then it won’t print. I’m confused about why this drawing zone is so small and how can it be increased. In teach mode I can make the arm move the pen in large areas, but not my imported images in drawing mode.

Thanks for your help.



I’m getting the same message. “Some pictures are not in available area” I imported an SVG and nothing happens after pressing start.