I need a URDF file for MG400 to do simulation in ROS


Does anyone have a Dobot MG400 URDF file?
Would you please send it to me?
Thank you.


Yeah I need it too…


I also need it. And I will be thankful to you if you share it. By the way, nowadays, I am redesigning my bed and for that I am searching for the bedroom ideas with pallet walls and I am glad I have found https://www.easypalletideas.com/bedroom-ideas-with-pallet-walls/ link. Now, I know few bedroom ideas with pallet walls.


Hey Skt-t, pls send an email to the official support team for more information: support@dobot.cc. thanks.


To EricHuang, Thank you for your answer.
I will let you know my email address. If you have a URDF, please send it.