How do you check the firmware version installed on the Mooz


Would like to know how to check the firmware for my Mooz. I have not used it since i got it early this year as the ac adaptor was not working. I manage to get a new one and tried to install version 1.4.5 but it says that i already have the latest firmware. Can i know how to double check this? Thanks


There ‘bootloader’ - which is undocumented in the source repo. Only checks for a numeric increment off the installed version. To force a reload simply increment the filename of the .bin file on the sd-card to one higher than that reported on the LCD screen when booting.

Be aware this will forever put you out of whack with the official versioning numbers (but you can use the same trick, IF and WHEN a new firmware comes out) 1.4.5 is the latest and is buggy as all hell still. I am working on porting Marlin2.0 to the hardware board, but I think I am just going to throw away the mooz board and use a reference stm32f7 dev board in combination with a radds breakout and some new tirnac stepper drivers.