Hikvision usb3 Camera MV-CE050-30UC and Python+OpenCV


Hi there,

I’m trying to connect the camera from the vision kit (Hikvision USB3 camera) to let it work with Python and OpenCV. OpenCV cannot find the camera with the cv2 cam.VideoCapture(0) function. Is there any way to use OpenCV-Python with this camera?

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Hi Bram ,the e-mail file I sent you is another piece of camera software, please ignore it.What’s happening to you now, here are my suggestions.When downloading dobotvisionstudio on the official website, MVS will be installed together. Open the file installation directory, you can see some cases in the location below, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Driver for 3M Pixel Camera

Hey Daniel. Can you send me the same file? Thanks in advance.


What documents do you need? The files in the picture need to be downloaded from the official dobot website.


Hi, there

The files in the picture are installed along with the MVS_STD installer right? I was managing to get it installed but the installation process quit somehow after I specifed the installation path and hit install button.

If I get the readme file right, the MVS only serves as a camera calibration tool right? If so, it would be okay to skip the MVS installation, but I’m in bad need of those sample files of python and OpenCV to enable me do the vision aided programming on Dobot Magician.

My email address is zhabo@seas.upenn.edu
Thanks for you help in advance!


Hi Danial.Deng,

I also wanna try to connect my opencv with MV-CA050-20UC but it’s not success yet. Could you show me some guide to installation?

my email address is iammrpiak@gmail.com

thank you


Hi Danial Deng
I am also trying to connect my OpenCV with V-CA050-20UC but it’s not successful yet. Could you show me some guide to installation?
email id: somikdhar1999@gmail.com


Hi Daniel, I’ve found the RawDataFormatConvert file, but I’m unsure what to do with it. Looks like it is written in C++. Is there a Python version? Or a way to use it with OpenCV in Python? Thanks!