HELP needed: Arm movement problem


I am finally starting to use my Kickstarter version Dobot Arm. I am using Dobot Client 1.3.3 with latest firmware uploaded to Arduino Mega but the Arm does not behave as expected.

In Jog Linear mode:
X+ does not make the Arm go away from base and Z+ does not go up. When I jog X+ or Z+, the arm goes in the same direction down (in Z- direction). When I jog X- or Z- the Arm goes in the direction of X-, towards the base. Y+ or Y- works OK, goes to the left or right. As it is I cannot make the arm go in the Z+ or X+ directions.

In Jog Axis mode:
Both Joint2+ and Joint2- make the Arm go towards the base and I cannot make it go away from base. The other Joints work OK as expected.

What am I doing wrong, did anybody have similar issues?

Update: I found the reason for the bad Arm movement, it is a Faulty Stepper Driver Board.


There must be something wrong with the A4988 module, please check it.


where I can buy this stepper driver board?
would be nice for an answer


If the machine needs after-sales technical support, please contact