Exter axis status is not ready


Hi!, when I try to start the program, it is sending the Error Msg: “Exter Axis Status is not ready”
How can I fix this?


Can you show us line 89 of the program


Here is the line 89:
But, let me comment you. Any program loaded to dobot is showing the same error msg.
You can write only 1 or 5 lines, and the error appears.


The last program loaded to this Dobot is showed below.
I’m getting the same error.


What controller version are you using?


here is:


Your version is old, we suggest you upgrade to version, the latest version has been published in the forum.
If an error occurs after the upgrade, check whether aux switch is enabled?



Thank you for the information. Where can I download the upgraded firmware?. I was searching in the forum, but I can’t find it.