DobotStudio crashes when using LeapMotion


I have a Dobot Magician arm and a Leap Motion Controller and both work fine separately when running on Windows7. However, when connected together, DobotStudio crashes and immediately quits once it detects a hand with the palm direction toward LeapMotion (downward). Its fine when the palm is direction is upwards but of course no tracking is happening. This happens with both V2 and V3 software of Leap Motion. When V4 is installed, DobotStudio doesn’t crash but it doesn’t do any tracking at all.

I have followed the LeapMotion configuration stated in Dobot Magician user guide and there is no error shown in DobotStudio to troupleshoot for. LeapMotion symbol is green in the toolbar and the diagnostic visualiser works fine before, during and after the DobotStudio crashes. I have checked low performance checkbox in DobotStudio leapMotion settings and i have done the following in LeapMotion settings without any success:
-Checked the Low Resource Mode checkbox
-Unchecked Avoid Poor Performance
-Checked Robust Mode

Could you please provide any solutions or tips if you have any?


I have the same problem, but actually I can’t solve that problem, can you solve that problem?