Dobot Magican - stack of paper


Hello everyone!
I have a Dobot Magican and im wondering if i can do that:

Ich have a 15cm Stack of paper with different thicknesses.
Is it possible to teach the Dobot to always remove the top sheet (vacuum pump)?
The Stack will be smaler each time… Or are the endeffectors/force-measurement aviable for that case?

Best regards - thanks for each help :slight_smile:


Hello, there.

Maybe. Let me share my thoughts about your use case:

Since it is a form of palletizing, it is possible to do this. BUT there are certain limitations that need to be considered:

  • Paper can be very thin, usually < 0.1mm and so I doubt the dobot Magician will be able to be that accurate (see my point below about average paper thickness). Also, normal paper is air permeable (e.g. photo paper is not), so you will probably pick up more than one sheet at a time if you use the suction cup.

  • To palletize properly with the dobot magician, you need to know the height (among other things) of each object to be palletized in order to set the pickup height. If this height differs from object to object, it is still possible to palletize, but the order of the objects to be gripped is then also important and must be taken into account in the pick height.

  • The suction head has a few millimeters of play when picking up objects. So if you know the average thickness of your sheets of paper, you can use that value to adjust the pick height.

Feel free to offer any criticism of my points. I’m open to a good discussion. Maybe I am overlooking something.

Definitely a very interesting use case!

Best regards

P.s.: Feel free to contact me with a PM. Assuming from your post the auto correction lets me think you are german (me too).


hi,I encount a similar situation like you. Instead of paper, I remove pieces of wood. and the machine is mooz2,not dobot magician. A limit switch is installed at the edge of vacuum suction to detect wether it touch the wood. The effect is good. For further information, you can email me(


Thank you for your Answers! This are good ideas!

In the end, i decided to wait 1 or 2 years. My Project isnt that urgend.
I think the prices of Cobots with integrated “Torque sensors” will come down.
That would solve my problem.

Thank you again and a good 2021!
Best regards