Connect error ! Try to do reburn firmware or reset Dobot


Hi !

After a very brief using of the arm Dobot Magician it is already blocked! This happened when I connected hand controller. The LED (status indicator) is RED. When I try connecting via DobotStudio I get the Connect error: Try to do reburn firmware or reset Dobot. The reset doesn’t help and when I try update via setting -> firmware menu the process stopped at “data response timeout”.

Please help!

Thank you!!


Hi! please try to press the unlock button on the arm , and move the arm , ensure the unlock features is working.Try and tell me.


Thank you, but I can’t understand how this suppose to solve my problem related to the Firmware ? When I press the button the arm move with no issue.
I am trying to reburn the firmware with no success


So I can confirm that it is not a motherboard fault, please send your question to and we have someone to solve your problem