Colision and specification for CR3


Hello everyone

I started to work with CR3 robot and I have some questions:

Firs I have question about jogs of robot. In specification for J1, J2, J4, J5 and J6 motion range is ±360° (two circle) bat when I checked it I get only ±180° (one circle).

Question is must I set something or everyone have the same problem.

Second question is about collision. I set function for the collision open and when I start program and get collision I can’t continue program from stopped point but I must start executed program form start point.

What I must do to get executed program from stopped point.

Thank you for help

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Dear Edo,
The theoretical limit of our robot is ±360, but for the safety of robot cable and human, we set a limit of ±178 for these joints, this value can be changed, if you need to change, you have to contact our company’s engineers.

After our robot collision detection is triggered, the program will automatically pause and pop up a window prompt, you can choose to continue or stop the program. It may be that your controller version is too old to have this function. You need to contact Dobot engineer by email to obtain relevant information.

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Hello hanse99
Thank you for the answer and can you tell me where I can get the new version of software of controller.

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