Check if suction cup has successfully gripped an item


Hi forum!

I am looking into finding a way, to check weather the arm has succeded or not in picking up a tube, using the suction cup.
Initial ideas were: check for a barcode, or pass a light-curtain, but I would rather, if the robot can check it on its own using python.

My idea was, that the robot must be able to do a read out on force applied to its joints, as it has collision safety levels, right?

If I move the arm when its supposed to be holding a tube, to a position, where it will have contact with the table, can I then get a read out stating weather the tube is there or not?

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!

Best, Anders


Depends how heavy the load is?

If you want to check the joint currents: have a look here:

Search for ITarget, and MTarget and IActual and MActual. Maybe even ActualTCPForce?

Hope that helps a bit?