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  • For those backers from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or future supporters, we are highly appreciated that you would like to report bugs here to improve MOOZ with better performance. For those who contributes a lot, we would reward with discount/free accessories in near future.
    MOOZ Team


Is there any pack to transform Mooz 2 in Mooz 3 or to Mooz 2 print multicolor? Thanks


Yes, it costs 100$. But yoz have to wait for thre new online shop.


Ok, have a MOOZ1 via kickstarter. When it finishes a print, it doesn’t home the head. Have to manually select it to go home. What do I have to set, whether sending from my computer or standalone to get it to home after printing?


When might the new store with MOOZ accessories / modules be available. Looking to get the laser module in the near future and hope there’s plans to offer one with more power than 1500MW.


We plan to publish the accessories on dobot.cc before March 15th. Thanks