12832 Main Circuit voltage undervoltage problem


Machine is down and unusable. Error code: 12832 Main Circuit voltage undervoltage problem

The machine has been working in a simple pick and place environment for the last few months with no issues or changes to its program operation. It has approx. 350,000 cycles on it picking up a load of less than 100g and moving it from point A to B, very simple motion path and low payload. It gets pauses and breaks frequently due to other pauses in our automation line. We’re only using 1 input and 2 output ports for system integration.

I have tried unplugging the I/O connections, rebooting the arm, manually moving the joints to a new location to check for wire fatigue, reboot PC, etc… Starting the arm powerup without dobot studio, the arm will still blink red error light after about 30sec even without software connection. It knows something is wrong without the PC/network connection. Opening and connecting dobotstudio shows the errors upon connection immediately and unable to clear or reset.

I have tried contacting Dobot directly a few ways but have not received any response!


Replying back to my own thread here ->

My distributor I purchased it through instructed me to inspect the servo mainboard which is the first one when removing the bottom panel. I immediately found that one of the leads on the large 15w ceramic resistor was broken. It doesn’t look burnt so I think it has fatigued itself likely through many rapid heat cycles and it just snapped.

The interesting thing is this is my second MG400. Our other one has been out of warranty for sometime and gave us this same error several months ago. I opened it up too and sure enough its the same exact issue… I have soldered them back to the board with a short loop of flexible stranded wire to hopefully give it a bit more allowance for thermal movement. We’ll see…

Also worth mentioning - My distributor was attentive here in helping me. DoBot HAS BEEN ZERO help. No reply to numerous emails, messages through the website contact form and two threads in this forum. Not a great look DOBOT!