Z - zero impression in the air


I have the wrong leveling in z, in the air I put z in zero and in bed a negative number -127, what can I do?


Turn it off.
Take out the SD card.
Turn it on.
Re-level it (should do 3-point leveling)
Should be fine from there.


Zero Z in the air, turn unit off/ on, zero Z to bed and it should be fine.


It still does not calibrate my printer, it moves very well at 3 points but it still has z as 0, -127, I try turning it off and on, but I’m not good at z points, there is a way to reset it


3 point levelling is only to compensate for bed unevenness. You only need to redo this if you swapped the build plate or print head (i. E. Cnc /laser?)

You still need to ‘zero z’ which is the single measurement taken in the center only. This tells mooz the starting height.

If you do the 3 point calibration the z zero will be reset and it needs to be redone. If after doing the z zeroing and it prints in the air because you have a high value for z, set z zero in air first to get rid of the high value issue, power off /on, set z to bed and it will be fine


I am having the same issue as well, and zero-ing in the air does not work. The z axis stays all the way to left on the monitor and remains in the air while printing.