Wifi malfunction after a reboot


I’ve got 2 dobots. But they work differently in wifi. I configure the 2 wifi modules by the USB connection. Then I send command via UDP and they works well. But if I turn off the Dobots, and switch them on again. The first one directly works on wifi but the second one don’t. The two modules are connected to the network. I can ping them all. I can send a broadcast and they answer. But, I need to make a new set up by USB to allowed other command on the defective one.
I switch the module and the dobot, It seems that the problem come from the wifi module.
How can I fixit ?
Thanks you for you help.


I found a solution. After the boot of the dobot, I make au reset of the wifi module. I disconnect and reconnect the module and it works.
See you


I found the problem. I monitor the communication between the module and the dobot during the initialisation. They correctly talk together except at the end, for the last command. The dobot send AT+Z (restart function).
On the broker module, it answers +ERR=-1 (invalid command format). On the good one, the module replies +OK.
So by disconnecting and reconnecting the module, I make a restart, the good action.
I try a new experience: without disconnecting the module after a wrong initilisation, I try to send back the command AT+Z to the module. For the first send, it answers invalid command but if I repeat the command, I have +OK and a working module. So, I think that the dobot don’t read the module answer. This is the reason why, one of my module don’t correctly initialise.
Is there a solution to fix this problem ?