When is Dubot's Queue running?


When is Dobot Queue running?

Hello, I have a question about “Queue”.

I am curious about when the “Queue” is executed

First, the manual says that if you put a value of 0 in “isQueue”, it is executed immediately. It doesn’t run immediately.

for example

while True:
	dType.SetWAITCmd(api, 1000, 0)

dType.SetWAITCmd is a function that sets the waiting time between commands in the Queue".

My expected result is to print “A” every second

However, “A” is printed quickly, but after a certain amount of time elapses, “A” is printed once every second.

My expectation is that even if I put a value of 0 in “isQueue”, it seems to enter the first index of the “Queue”.

But I want conviction, not expectation.

The second question is that even if you put 1 in isQueue, the result value is the same as the code that put 0.

I want to know an example that shows the difference between the value of 1 and 0 in isQueue.

Third question, I know Queue is asynchronous processing.

In the example of the first question, the loop is processed asynchronously, but after a certain point, processing is performed synchronously.

I am wondering what logic is executed inside.


I think while loop is not good in this situation. You need to try For loop in this situation. I did programming so I know about it. Now I left this field because now I am working in the phd dissertation writing service so my advice is with For loop. So once try it.


Oh “while” is just test sample.

I’m not using while or for in my code.

Ultimately, I’m curious in which situation “Queue” is used.

Thanks for you Martine


I have the same question, I don’t know if you have found some information, if there is so, could you share some advices or information? please.