Web Management not loading (M1 Studio-v1.2.1)


I trying to open Web Management option but is not loading. How can i do ? I think i need this option to run Blocky.


You need to connect M1 correctly before you can open the Web Management option.


The issue was the Proxy on my PC. Now it´s working. Thanks.


I have the same problem with M1 Studio v1.4.3.
My Dobot M1 is well connected using serial/USB link cable. I can move it.
But when I want to use the Web Management, “it’s loading” and nothing happen then.
What to do with the proxy? How to fix that problem?



It must be connected to the computer with a network cable. And the computer and the device are on the same network segment.


Thank you for your answer.
What it means “the computer and the device are on the same network segment.”?
My M1 is connected directly to the PC using the ethernet cable.
When I use USB/serial connection, it works. In the Tool / IP address setting, I have:


So the connection looks ok but when I tried to Force IP address, it always fail.
Should I set something in windows configuration network?


In the M1 documentation, I can read:


So I tried to change the previous setting by putting IP Address = abd Netmask
What about the Gateway?
In all cases, it always fail to force configure IP and the the serial drop-down list on the upper left pane of the M1Studio page is still empty.


So finally I’m arrived to connect me to M1 using Ethernet connection.
I setup a fix IP in window and then it was possible to force configure IP in M1studio.

if that can helps someone else.
Have a good day.