VisionStudio V4.1.0 Open File Failed


Hi, I am working on creating vision application. Spend the last hours setting up the program and then saved the file. Now I can not open the file that just been saved by VisionStudio 5 minutes ago. Help! I created 2 files and saved and now both cannot be open.

This is the file,



I think I just answer my own question after messing around with the file location. Previously I have the file in my google drive share folder and the file will only open after I move it to the same location as the example file location. But I still don’t know this is the problem. It will help to get some explanation.


Hi Skyice, I successfully opened the file Color_Sorting.sol downloaded from the link (not in the same location as the example file location) in Dobot VisionStudio V4.1.0.


You can feedback the problem to email and they will answer it for you.


I can also open the files once I moved it from any cloud share drive like Google drive or OneDrive. I think it might have somethings to do with windows folder permission?