Vision kit for Dobot Magician



I am working on the vision kit. I have finished the calibration and trying to work on the same where you set the HSV value from HSV debug folder and set the Dobot params and expect the dobot to sort the dices according to green, yellow and blue colors respectively.
These are my following observations please correct me and give me an insight about the topic.

  1. Everytime I run this experiment, the dobot is very inconsistent to identify the exact location of the particular dice. Sometimes it works best but sometimes it is hopeless. I have read that one of the reasons could be the change in the light(intensity of the light)
  2. Can we not have this process sorting colors continuously. currently I have to manually click from videoDemo.exe UI on which color to sort. If there is a way , then please direct me
  3. I want all this process(sorting) to be implemented in Python on ROS which is installed in python. Could you please show me directions towards the same. Starting from the library files. I currently see we have dll files and cpp for the sample program. How do I extend this program to the environment I want.

I might be wrong in my understanding as well. I have briefly explained my requirement, please give me suggestions.
Thank you for your time.


Make sure all three colors are calibrated. Remember to calibrate the colors and click ok. If the mechanical arm light appears red, it indicates a limit. Make sure the placement is in the correct position and there is an option to set the location in the menu.


Hello DobotDZY,

How to combine dobot and vision kit and have the sorting program(RGB Sorting dices) in python.
Can you please give some idea so I can go ahead and do something on the same.

Thank you for your time.