Using Magician with Python without the DobotStudio



I just need to use the Dobot Magician Arm from command line with Python3. OS is Linux or Windows 10. As you know, we can use Python scripts in DobotStudio software, but there might me a way to run outside the DobotStudio.

I found a library @luismesas developed called as pydobot. But I would like to use dType. class as Dobot provided because I don’t know if arms every capability had covered by pydobot library.


You can do this if you download the Dobot Demo from the downloads page. There are examples for doing this in both Linux and Windows.

You’ll need to install the DLL (or .so for Linux) they provide, as well as Qt5.6. This gives you access to the dType API.


You are right in that the library only covers a portion of the protocol, but if you still want to use it I can extend missing parts you may need if you open an issue for the missing functionality