Use Dobot with Chromebook?


Hello, I recently bought a Samsung Chromebook. Is it possible to connect the Magician to this device? I downloaded the “Dobot magician GMII.TW” app that was listed in the Google Play store. The app downloaded and appears functional but I’m unable to establish a connection with the robot using the USB cable. Any thoughts or ideas? Appreciate any help!


This Chromebook runs on some kind of Android OS? Maybe you can emulate some mainstream OS, like windows on it?


I also have a chromebook which I am trying to connect to the Dobot using “Dobot magician GMII.TW”. I tried Bluetooth and USB without success.


Chromebook runs on Chrome OS. I would prefer not to emulate an OS.
The application exists but seems not to work…


I know nothing about chrome OS, so I can’t help wit it. Especially for Dobot I’ve bought cheap mini PC with windows on it. You could maybe check if simple code on 2nd development demo will connect. Or check what signals are going through USB.
If you need Dobot company help, you rather need to write directly to them. They rarely visit this forum.