Use dobot magician with raspberry pi


I am trying to interface dobot magician with the raspberry pi. For this firstly i was trying to compile the Dobot library code on raspberry pi platform to generate libraries compatible with raspberry pi. Is there any plan to provide pre compiled library for raspberry pi or provide support for the same?



Hi ,
There is a package which includes Dobot Dll files(win 32&64), Dll source code, precompiled Dll for Linux from dobot offical website (

You can compile the Dll source code under Linux .
Follow the steps below :

  1. install qt , gcc
  2. copy python demo and change the Load library path
  3. run the code


Thanks for the reply. Will check it.


Hi , Thanks for the inputs . I followed steps and it worked. I have compiled the library code and interface dobot magician with raspberry pi using Dobot magician user manual. I made connections to Magicians 10 pin communication port with raspberry pi using serial to USB converter.
I tried to run python demo codes from the demo zip but nothing is happening . There is no movement from ARM. When I ran it gives message connected with dobot no error but nothing happens afterwards. Am I doing something wrong here or should we need o pass some parameters while executing python script.


i wrote a library for openframeworks that works on raspberry pi


Thanks viniciolindo for your reply. I am new to openframeworks can you suggest me how to use this library is there any example application code which uses your library.



HI Kvv how do you change the load library path?


Hi leo i exported the library path by linux export command , there is no change done in python code.
Let me know if you need more information


HI Kvv I have the same question about how do you change the load library path?
Could you show the details to me, please


I tried pydobot to control the dobot, but it has limited functions.

Searching on google I stumbled upon your reply. I haven’t worked on linux before, can you explain me how to compile the libraries for raspberry pi. (i saw in other thread that the pre compiled libraries for linux doesn’t work for ARM which the pi runs on).
I would be glad if you could give me some pointers.


hi ashik1, i also tried to use pydobot in raspberry pi. but it showing like no module found error. could you please help me to install