Undocumented bed leveling procedure? - How to force + Factory Reset?


A user in the KS page indicated a ‘first-time’ startup bed leveling procedure whereby they moved the X and Y axis and leveled the Z at each corner point.

note this is NOT the Z calibration. But the bed itself.

I never had this happen - even after attempting a revertive flash to an older and then back to the current firmware.

This leaves me with two questions.

a) Given I am getting a number of leveling issues in my 3d prints (gaps in layers/wobble) I would dearly like to know how to force a leveling calibration.

b) How can I ‘reset’ the onboard EFS flash - i.e restore to factory.


Should be documented in the manual how the bed level is done.

Go to the calibration page as soon as machine is started up, hit the right most icon? And it should go to the front left corner, adjust height of z, hit right most button and repeat until all 3 points are done


I’ve never had this behavior (1.3.9 1.4.5) leveling only occurs in the Z axis from cold boot to leveling select; unit never travels in the Y/X axis to corner points when repeatedly pressing the >0< button. Just the ‘normal’ Z point leveling at whatever the current X/Y is set to.


Regardless of how much I try I cannot get the bed leveling in y/x to work. Z is fine and I can manually set X/Y/Z for the Z level.