Unable to set acceleration & velocity for MovJ in iOS Framework



I’m using iOS for the communication with my Dobot Magician.
According to the api documentation I can use MovJ and MovL for point to point movement.

For MovJ the documentation says at point 12.1 that I can use SetPTPJointParams to set acceleration and velocity. But actually I can not find this function “cmdSetPTPJointParams” in the iOS Framework.

Setting acceleration and velocity for MovL via SetPTPCoordinateParams works fine, but doesn’t change anything for MovJ.

PTPCoordinateParams speed02P = {200.0f,200.0f,200.0f,200.0f};
DobotMsg *speed02 = [[DobotMsg alloc] init];
[speed02 cmdSetPTPCoordinateParams:speed02P];

Is this a missing implementation in the iOS Framework or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance
Beste Regards


MovL is calculated in Cartesian coordinate system, MovJ is calculated in joint coordinate system.Therefore, setting the acceleration and velocity of MovL through SetPTPCoordinateParams works well, but it does not change for MovJ.