The Cura “Printhead Settings” problem of MOOZ-2 and MOOZ-3 3D printer


I encountered the “Printhead Settings” problem in Cura when using the MOOZ-2 and MOOZ-3 3D printer.
A prepared file in Cura reports an error during slice. Does anyone know how to solve it?

The printer settings are made according to the instructions. However, in the Printhead Settings fields in X min and Y min, it is not possible to enter values ​​according to the instruction, because the program does not allow it.

Cura will not accept these settings. It defaults with negative numbers, which are 20 10.

But, the MOOZ manual shows to set up a customed printer configuration and shows the Printerhead Settings:
x min: 70 y min: 32


I think the slicing error is not caused by this. According to the manual, you need to modify the parameters.


To add, when I set it up like this, it can be sliced correctly and used normally. Is the same for other people?