Suctioncup is blowing air out



after changing the 3D Printing Firmware of my Dobot Magician from RepetierHost-V4.6.0 to the Dobot Firmware “Dobot-V3.6.10” the compressor for gripper and suctioncup is always blowing air out.

It doesn’t matter, which end effector is selected.
It is always blowing air out.

So the suctioncup isn’t working and the gripper is only working one way :o(

All cables are at the right place.
I have pressed the reset-button at the Dobot and reinstalled the firmware several times.

How can I fix this?

Best Regards


If the air pump is only blowing air, it may be a wiring problem. Inhale air only when the GP1 is properly connected to the suction cup, otherwise it will blow. Please check the wiring.


Dear Daniel,

thanks for your message. All wires are in the right place - I checked this several times.

The suctioncup wire is in slot 1 (GP3) and the air pump wires are in GP1 and SW1.
How ever, it does always blows air.

Best Regards