Suction cup only blows air and does not suck after firmware 3.6.10


Hi I updated firmware to 3.6.10. Seems it shipped with firmware 3.6.12 , I think I should not have updated it.


lastIndex =dType.SetEndEffectorGripper(api, enableCtrl=1, on=1, isQueued=1)
lastIndex =dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup(api,enableCtrl=1,on=1,isQueued=1)

both these Commands makes the suction cup blow air. I tried on=0 also , no luck please help.
My project is stuck , I cannot pick up the object

How can I go back to firmware 3.6.12 ?


Hello, you need to download the corresponding Dobotstudio version, the firmware version comes with the dobotstudio software update. After downloading the corresponding version, please flash the firmware again.


I have the same issue with firmware 3.6.10 after using RepetierHost for 3D printing.

Try to use GP2 for the air pump wire - this works for me.