Specs of the PTFE tube for 3D printing needed


hello there.

i have the problem that here is no PTFE tube in my robot package. this tube is supposed to be in between the hot-end 3D Printing head and the stepper motor for the filament.

if someone with this tube could give me the specs i were able to get the tube by myself.
i mean this tube:

i just need to know:

-the length
-inner radius
-outside radius

that would be awesome. thanks in advance.


Length is approximately 600mm
ID is 2mm
OD is 4mm

That should be pretty standard for 1.75mm filament, I think.


Thank you very much. I just was so luckly to find the right tube in my tool box. althought it seems to be out of a bit stronger material but this should only help with the filament.

but thanks to you i can now take even the lenght from the original tube.



A 2 mm x 4 mm PTFE Tube will be pretty standard for any Fluoropolymer Tubing manufacturer. Just note that the tolerances are on being placed on the ID and Wall not the ID and OD. So you will have a 2 mm ID +/- .10mm and a wall of 1.00 +/- .15mm. It could run a little small on the OD if you get one produced to the lower side of the tolerance.