[solved] Problem with scaling motor steps to mm


My Dobot Mooz 2 (with Wifi and FW 1.3.6) have strange behaviour. I bought it today.
It seems like on axis “z” there is mess up with steps per revolution. Is it normal that everything is multiplied by 1.8?
For example after zeropointing my z axis software is declaring that and homing it, it shows that his position is 70mm. But in real it`s moved about 125mm.
When I try to print from gcode some calibration box 20x20 i printed it as 36x36.

Also it has problem with bed leveling. During fast movement to 1 point it has strange noises ( like it is loosing steps), and crashing into heat table. (it also seems that it`s scaling motor speed 1.8 faster than it should be)

Has anybody met with similar problems?

Edit: Today I also observed that y axis is homing at 110mm and movement is avaiable to y+. So it is moving in between 110mm and 190mm

Edit 2: Problem solved downgrading firmware of motherboard to 1.3.1