Short circuit with air pump


Hey guys,

i have been trying to connect the air pump to my dobot M1 to begin using the suction cup, however every time i plug in the power and ground it short circuits the dobot and it restarts.
I have checked the wiring. It is done exactly as the Guide book specified. Ground to PGRND, red to Vcc, yellow and blue to out 17 & 18.
I have shortened the wires to make sure there is no air exposure, nothing is touching them. Any ideas what could be causing it, please let me know.



Hi etwells, as far as I’m concerned, it could be the problem of the air pump. You are suggested to test the air pump independently with a 24V power supply, 0-GND, and 24-24, then connect the two signal cable to GND to see if the air pump can work normally.



Thanks for your suggestion

Things have now developed, after it short circuited, I tried to use the eternal ports in the kit and now it won’t turn on at all. It flashes up alarms to do with the CAN system on all the joints being broken.
It then shuts down after 5 mins

Will contact supplier and see what they say