Settings for Mooz printhead in Cura are not available


I have a Mooz 2 which I am finally trying to get set up. I am following the manual and I downloaded the latest Cura version (4.6.2). One of the issues I am having is that the Mooz manual shows to set up a Custom Printer configuration and shows the following Printerhead Settings:
x min: 70
y min: 32

The problem I am having is that Cura will not accept these settings. It defaults with negative numbers in these settings (I think it is -20 and -10). It will not accept a positive number, so I am not able to type 70 or 32.

What should I do?

Should I un-install Cura 4.6.2 and install Cura 3.1.0?


In fact, using Cura4.6.2 to set the print head X Y does not have to be exactly the same as in the manual.
Yes, the user-guide is to use Cura 3.1.0. If you need stability, I suggest uninstalling Cura 4.6.2 and installing Cura 3.1.0.