Setting Tool Coordinate System in Python


I’ve been trying to program my own custom API in Python to control my MG400. Thus far, I have been able to do most things, but when I’ve been trying to set the tool coordinate system, it never seems to “stick”. For example, I will send the comand “Tool(5)” to try and set the tool coordinate system to index 5, but nothing changes.

Instead, whichever tool frame is set in the Dobot Studio Pro is the one that the robot seems to be using. So, in the previous example, if I had set the tool coordinate system in Dobot Studio to index 2, it would not matter what frame I would try and set it to, it would always be set to index 2. I’ve looked at all the documentation, but nothing is working. For reference, my controller firmware is 1.5.6

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You cannot use SDK to control the robot at the same time when you open DobotStudio Pro. I guess that when you open the software, the software issues data to force the robot to fix the index of User and Tool, so Tool cannot be set through SDK. In my test, Tool instruction is effective, and it works very well