Servo and suction cup


Hi all,

We I move my dobot to a position from center to left or right the servo seems a bit off. When I put in on a fixed position in teach & playback ( 0 degrees ) and go all the way left or right is moves about 4 degrees

Is there a way to fix this in the calibrating software.

If not is it possible to buy a better servo and connect it the same way as the original

I now a can change the R position but for little kids it would be nice if this could be calibrated.


You can connect other servos, but I don’t know if they will work the same way as the original. If I remember correctly, the original servo can make full rotations, and therefore only this type of rather rare servos can be controlled with R position (propably). Servos with rotation limits (abosolute) can also be connected, but they are controlled in a little diffrent way.