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I am using dobot SDK 1.4.1 with DobotSim and CR5. When I use JointMovJ with DobotSim everything is fine. When I use JointMovJ with CR5 the result of this function always is 2. Does JointMovJ work with CR5?

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Hi AlexKAI, can you provide some screenshots so that we can locate the problem? It would be helpful if you can provide the program files as well



The sequence is as follows. Each block of code is executed with a separate button.

Button 1

DobotSDK.ConnectState_CallBack = new DobotSDK.DobotConnectStateCallback(OnConnectStateChange);
DobotSDK.ConnectStateCallback(ConnectState_CallBack, arg);
DobotSDK.DobotExchange_CallBack = new UnityDobotSDK.DobotExchangeCallback(OnExchangeNew);
DobotSDK.ExchangeCallback(n.DobotExchange_CallBack, arg);
int result = DobotSDK.ConnectDobot(DobotAddress);
bool powerState = false;
DobotSDK.GetPowerMode(ref powerState);

Button 2

DobotSDK.ControlMode tempMode = DobotSDK.ControlMode.Enable;
DobotSDK.SetControlMode(ref tempMode);

Button 3

JointCoordinate coord=new JointCoordinate();
GetJointCoordinate(ref coord);
coord.joint[5] = 10;
int result = DobotSDK.JointMovJ(ref coord, true);

For DobotSim the last result is 0 and DobotSim turns. For CR5 result is 2 .

Actually the code is more complex. I’m trying to control a robot from Unity and I have to run each call DobotSDK in a separate thread.


Hi Alex, sorry to tell you that I just got reply from R&D that we are no longer providing support for SDK. For instead, the secondary development will all be changed to TCP commands, which will be much more convenient. For now, the help document is not ready but it should be released within two weeks. If it’s convenient for you, you can leave your email here and I will send the document to you once it’s ready.


Hi, please send this document to my registration email address. Thanks.


Sure, it will be sent to your Gmail as soon as the file is released


Hi Alex, now the TCP guide is released, please check at

I sent an email to you as well.