Running two Dobot Magicians independly using USB


Trying to get two Dobot Magicians, using Python in windows, to run in one program independently of each other. They would be doing two different tasks not at the same time. What I am finding is the “dType.load()” function does not generate two different setups. I thought that they would be independent when doing “paper = dType.load()” and “artist= dType.load()” and then using “dType.ConnectDobot(artist, “COM7”, 115200)[0]” and “dType.ConnectDobot(paper, “COM13”, 115200)[0]”, the commands then sent to different Dobots end up controlling only the last one set up Dobot, that is, it overwrites the first setup even though they may have the same handle, but different address pointers they are not different.
Is there an error in how “dType.load()” works or is there another way to control each Dobot independently in the same program? Or is there a way to create two different handles?