Robot sings songs A4


When you set the load data, the robot starts beeping with the 4 axis.

robot sings songs


The reasons for this situation: 1: set the load weight is too large 2: motor type selection error.

You can check whether there will be noise when the load weight is 0 when unloading the load. If there is noise, then the motor type is wrong


The robot manipulator has already been shipped to the end customer. But I saved the contents of the project folder. Is it possible to see the type of motor in it?


in project\settings\productInfo\types



	"motoTypes" : 2


	"ControllerVersion": "2001018102",
	"PowerVersion": "2001018403",
	"SNcode": "DT18-2124-1933",
	"ServoVersion": "2001018502"


	"DeviceName": "MG400"