Rigiet app does not work with iOS 11


I received the Rigiet last week - all good. I updated to iOS 11 before heading on on a trip with the Rigiet tomorrow and now the video is frozen in the app. I have seen one other user post the same on Facebook but haven’t seen any comment from Dobot acknowledging the problem or whether they’ll have a fix soon.


I have the same problem with a new iPhone 8 plus and IOS 11. it also freezes the picture. It doesn’t show the subject pointed at. Its is independend of the selected mode.

the app is COMPLETE unusable with the Rigiet.


There is a new version in the Apple store. This new app works well with iOS 11


Just opened Rigiet for Christmas. App will not load on iphone 8 plus or SE. Type in password and Install. Screen flashes/beeps and says DONE. No app visible afterwards. Any help appreciated.

And after 5 tries on two phones it suddenly loaded. Very strange. Now we get to test it.


It is a new version updated in Apple store that you can have a try. I also be tired of one problem with iOS 11. I find all my photos are saved with HEIC format, which cannot be opened and viewed on Andriod phones, Windows systems as well as Mac low versions. I can only convert it to JPG by using a converting tool. Oh, it is called Joyoshare HEIC Converter. In case that you meet the same question, you can learn more about this new image format. Anyway, I also hope there will be some real supports from all OS.


Very likely a compatibility problem. You can update the app to the latest version or just reinstall it.
If that doesn’t work, you can try to restore your phone, because it can save the time and effort of finding the specific problem. But don’t use iTunes to restore because it will erase all your data. Instead, use TunesKit iOS Recovery to restore without data loss.