Replacement USB cable - where to buy



One of our two robot arms USB cable no longer works. I have tried to replace this cable with a normal printer cable however, this doesn’t fix the problem. Are the USB cables a special type of cable and therefore can only be bought from a special supplier? Any help would be appreciated as we have one robot currently not working.



Not trying to shine, but…I hope you tried the obvious and can confirm the same robot works with the other cable, right?

  • Bobby


You can use Arduino Uno cable(USB A to B). It works perfectly with robot.


That was my first go to. I can confirm that both robot arms are working when they are connected with the same cable… hence, my question. A normal USB printer cable does not work.


Thanks. I will give that a go. Have tried several that were sent to me from the importer here in Aus… but to no avail. It really has me stumped as to why this is happening. Surely, it cannot be this difficult to replace a USB cable?


UPDATE: No love for the Arduino cable.