Replacement component Stepper Motor


Is it possible to buy replacement component for the stepper motor from the dobot magician the motor for the gripper and other tools.

If someone find out where you can buy them let me know because my old ones broke today for some reason still not 100% how but want some spare ones in stock.


When did you buy the Magician? As far as I know, DOBOT does not sell separate motors. If these accessories such as gripper kits and suction cup kits are in stock, these should be available for purchase, but the user has to pay for the freight.

By the way, the gripper kit does not have a motor, it needs to be used in conjunction with the air pump. So, in order to let DOBOT’s staff clearly know what spare parts you want to buy, you would better write the name, quantity and attach the corresponding photos.


I saw that you could buy the suction cup kit but I don’t need that parts all. Only the motor it self from the Dobot Magician
That is probably called servo or stepper motor.


I know what you mean, but I need to consult the relevant personnel, then reply to you.


Actually, it is a servo.


Could you please tell me which country you are from? For different regions, there are different technical support engineers responsible for handling it.
According to your country, I will contact the corresponding person for you so that you can get good feedback on your question.


from the netherlands


OK,please send an email to


Thx for you help I sended a email to there