Reinstall the firmware


Suite du sujet Communication error. the led (orange / green) is off on the Arm:

thank you for help
When i try this option, The screen of DobotStudio disappears and nothing happens any more…


Nothing happens? There should be a window like this show up:

Did you see this? If possible, please send me a video link to see what happens.


YES ! it works. The led has re-lit!
In fact, the bottom of all Tools dialogs is TRANSPARENT. We see only the title of the window and the progress bar.
If you click on the assumed location of the “confirm” button, the background appears.
Thank you very much for help
Here are the links to screenshots :


That’s strange, what’s your OS, win10 64?
Oh there’s a possible reason, your computer is lack of one font: microsoft YaHei or Open Sans, you can try to install it.


This is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 32-bit.
I think the video card is not powerful enough.
I will try on another pc
Your assistance has been very helpful. I’m reassured about the Dobot Magician I bought.


Hi Eric,

How could I re-install old version firmware?
Where to find it?


Hi , could you tell me why you re-install the old version firmware ?
And what version of firmware do you need ?
Maybe I can help you find the old version firmware .