Queue commands through TCP/IP


Hello -

Is it possible to queue several motion commands before executing them through the TCP/IP interface? Something similar to the Magician’s protocol? If so, can you point me to the documentation for this? Thanks.


Hi there, can you provide a little more details about the application? It would be more efficiently for us to help with more details


Sure - we would like to execute several MovJ or MovL commands sequentially without the need for our controller to check on the robot’s status to send the next target point. This would be similar in functionality to the Magicians queue command and then execute functionality. Maybe this can be achieved in another way and I’m not aware of it?


Hello. In Lua programming, MovJ and MoveL are the queue commands and they will be executed one by one in order. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us to support@dobot.cc and we will help you via email.


Thank you. I see that the RunScript, StopScript, etc commands are available through the TCP/IP interface but I don’t see a way to load a new script. Can a new script only be uploaded through Dobot Studio?


Please send your question to support@dobot.cc and we will help you there