Python not working on Mac OS


Hi When I try to run the demo code for Mac OS I get this err

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/vmehta/Documents/Dobot/DobotDemoV2.0/DobotDemoForPython 3/”, line 10, in
api = dType.load()
File “/Users/vmehta/Documents/Dobot/DobotDemoV2.0/DobotDemoForPython 3/”, line 460, in load
return CDLL(“libDobotDll.dylib”, RTLD_GLOBAL)
File “/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/ctypes/”, line 364, in init
self._handle = _dlopen(self._name, mode)
OSError: dlopen(libDobotDll.dylib, 10): Library not loaded: @rpath/QtSerialPort.framework/Versions/5/QtSerialPort
Referenced from: /Users/vmehta/Documents/Dobot/DobotDemoV2.0/DobotDemoForPython 3/libDobotDll.dylib
Reason: image not found


Hello, is the problem solved?


Yes it did work for me.


How did you fix the problem?