Python demo connection


Hi there, i just recently started using dobot magician, and wanted to stop using the studio scripting module, but i am just not able to connect to dobot using the demo in vscode.
I literally cant find anyone getting the same error message as im getting, and therefore have no idea, how to fix this.


Sounds like the API connected to some device, but not the Dobot. What I did was watch what port worked in Dobot Studio and use that same port name in my Python connection call. For me on Windows, this was always “COM3”:

robotState = dType.ConnectDobot(api, “COM3”, 115200)[0]


Hi, i tried specifing the port name multiple times, but it didn’t work. I never found out exactly why I got the error message that i got, but after installing/updating VC_redist.x64.exe and restarting the computer it just worked. So i guess this thread is closed.


Hello Joe, did you solve this problem? If yes, could you please share the solution? thanks