Problem with zéro setting on mooz 2


Hi mooz

I received my two printers mooz one and two in good shape.
Congrats for the modular hardware design! Very Nice.

I am in trouble with the zéro set up: on mooz two (firmwire upgraded):

Following instructions i set the z zéro with a paper sheet and validate.

When I try to print, the print head start to print with a gap of 1.9 mm above the heating bed, with of course no bounding.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any information

Guy Mayor


What slicer are you using and what are the initial layer settings?

Is 1.9mm a guess or are you taking that as a reading somewhere?


Home and move Z coordinate to 0 to check whether the zero point has been set correctly with a piece of paper.


Thanks for your answer.
I found out that the zeroing setting procedure is not always perfect.
Thus now, I dobble check that Z zero is fully correct after the setup procedure by going back to Z zero by manual traveling.

First layer adhesion is now perfect and printing work like a charm