Problem with dll files


Hi guys

Thanks for quick help before question.

But I have new problem about using API

Below is my arduino sketch code

include “DobotDll.h”

include “DobotType.h”

void setup() {

void loop() {

In my arduino sketch, after including the header file and setting the dll file in the same directory

I want to use the function which is defined in the header file and API provide

but the undefined reference problem appear.

Is there any other IDE or environment setting for using API??

Help me please


We have no such libraries for the arduino IDE, if you want to develop with arduino, you can check out this link:

For the other IDE, please refer to the Demo files here:


If you are facing the problem with dll files are not access then you have to download Advapi32.dll and then installed it. You can easily download and install dll file and then your peoblem will be solved easily.