Problem adhering material to the bed


Hello, I have a problem when printing 3d, at the time of printing, the head drags the material with the nozzle, since the material does not adhere to the bed, the nozzle has a temperature of 200 ° and the bed a temperature of 60 °, I would like to know if I have to change some temperature or change the height of the Z head so that it does not drag anything, it is urgent, thank you.


Yeah, this is a challenge we all deal with.

First, setting the zero point is critical. Double-check that the paper JUST BARELY grips under the nozzle when you set the zero point.

I’ve found that using a skirt in Cura (or whatever slicer you use) gives it time to ‘warm up’ and leads to better adhesion.
You can also experiment with speeding up or slowing down your first layers to see if that improves things.
You can also adjust your start-up gcode to extrude some filament before starting the print, to make sure it’s flowing well.

Unfortunately, bed adhesion is about the hardest problem you’ll face in 3D printing, and it’s more art than science. At least, that’s what I’ve found - you have to keep tweaking things until it works in your environment. For example, I print in the garage, where it can get colder, so I increase the bed temp by 5 degrees sometimes.

Good luck - it’s frustrating, but once you find settings that work, hopefully you won’t have to deal with it anymore.


I agree making sure the extruder is up to temperature before starting to print is vital. I print most things in PETG and have the temperature at 232 for the first 2 layers and drop it down to 228 from there on. The bed is constant at 60

I also use 3dlac on the heat pad to help with adhesion. Which has cut down failures considerably