Printer nosil won’t heat up


I just got my mooz2 and have made a few successful nice prints and today mid print the nosil started to cool down. I started to troubleshoot as to what happened. After becoming a master at assembling the 3d printer head I noticed everything worked except for the heating element. I swapped the cables between the heat bed and printer head and that wasn’t it. I assume there is some type of misconnection. The board where the “cat-5” plugs into looked perfect, no damage. Any suggestions? My next plan of action is to try and look at the main board and system underneath the unit.


Could be an issue with the heating element or even the temperature sensor.

There is a control board direcetly under the lid (where the ethernet plugs in) and within this board 4 other cables plug in (heating element, fans, stepper etc) but they are not easy to detach.

My guess would be either a damaged /shorted cable inside the head (mine for example had a few cables crushed where the lid was screwed down) or heating element /temp sensor blown.


I took the whole unit apart and used my hands to heat up the temp sensor so I know that works. It most likely is a problem with the element. The board where the ethernet cable plug into looks good (no burns or bad solder)


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I am facing the heating problem with my Canon printer, and solve the problem after applying your suggestion and it’s really helped me a lot. But the thing is after fixing it my printer doesn’t print properly. It shows an error canon printer error 5200 I hope you will also help me to find a proper solution for that.