Print fail (stopped) on Mooz 2



I have an issue on my Mooz 2, sometimes it stopped in the middle of a print; at 87%.

So it does this on the print because the extruder is still hot.

The only solution is to unplug the machine (or with de button on the back) to shut it down and restart it again.
When the printer is on the bed temp is higher than before (about 10°C above)…

When the printer finish to print a file, it goes to home but freeze on 99.9% and don’t shutdown… I don’t have a picture right know but maybe these two issues are linked.

If you can help me, it will be nice.



In most cases, this error is caused by a USB flash disk.Please replace the USB flash disk and try again.


I’ve changed the USB key and for the only print I have made, I successed to the end !
But I still have some bugs… For some files, I can’t print the gcode file. When I touch the print button, it does nothing… But this is just for some files.