Pls.Anser me.Because my customer ask me about M1 Robot


I can’t explain to them. I need to know everything about M1. Because i want to customer confident our product.( I will receive order a lot of from customer)

All arms(Base, Z, Rear arm, Forarm) are activated by servo motor, right?
Is it possible tuning by ourselves?
Regarding battery, is this common commercial part, or Dobot original?
What the purpose to use battery?
Regarding TCP/IP control, in the manual Main controller can control the Dobot,
What kind of Main controller can we use? Only PC server?
How about PLC or Vision sensor provided by FA maker?
Is there any command list for TCP communication?


hello Arinchai,Contact by email for a faster and more professional response.
All arms (base, Z, rear arm, forearm) are activated by servo motors.
You can change the design of the end, but the motor control cannot be adjusted
Regarding battery, is this common commercial part.
The purpose of using the battery is because m1 uses an absolute encoder, because the absolute position, that is, the number of revolutions to be recorded, requires the battery to save the data. After unplugging the battery, the encoder rotation data is lost, and the machine’s position data is also lost. In order for the machine to work properly, the device needs to be zeroed.
Maybe you have misunderstood this sentence. The main controller is unique and inside m1. TCP / IP communication requires a server and a client. For the server, you can choose the main controller inside m1 or m1studio.
The plc in the dobot kit is mostly Siemens s7-1200, and the vision sensor is provided by Hikvision. Both support TCP communication, and m1 has a case to combine PLC and vision through TCP communication.
I apologize for my late reply and hope the above helps you.