PLEASE HELP! Bluetooth connection not showing up


Hi there, my Rigiet will work using my iphone app, but I’d love to connect to the Rigiet app to use the cool features and update the firmware.

Here is the problem explained below …

-I turn on the Rigiet when balanced with my iphone 7
-The gimbal balances and I can use the gimbal with the iphone camera
-However, when I go to bluetooth settings, the Rigiet doesn’t show up for me to connect to it
-When I go to the Rigiet app, I try to connect to the the gimbal and my iphone but it says it isn’t connected, because of course it is not connected, it wont show up in my bluetooth :frowning:

Please help, brand new Rigiet has sucked many hours from my life trying to figure this out.

Thank you! Talk soon